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Every inch reflects your personality, dreams, and inspirations.

Imagine a world where your walls tell your story. At WCD, we make this vision a reality with our Custom Digital Print Wallpapers. Transform your space into a canvas of your imagination, where every inch reflects your personality, dreams, and inspirations.
Crafted to Perfection

Our Promise of Quality

  • Customized to Your Specifications: From size to finish, every aspect of your wallpaper is tailored to meet your exact needs.
  • Professional Design Support: Need assistance in bringing your vision to life? Our team of expert designers is here to help.
  • Quality Assurance: Each order undergoes a rigorous quality check to ensure it meets our high standards and your expectations.

Why Choose Us?

Rich Color & Sharp Details

With the precise dot placement with no dot gain, UVgel printshave outstanding colour quality and consistency from a wide color gamut, with sharp details and strong saturation for dark colours.

Velvety Matte Finish

UVgel ink drops are 'pinned' to the media instantly, prior to LED curing, resulting in a stunning velvety matte finish


With UVgel technology, dot placement is controlled, ensuring consistently repeatable or continual images


The odourless UVgel prints are certified for immediate indoor use, even in sensitive environments such as school and healthcare facilities.

Low Heat Media Stability

The low-temperature UVgel printing process ensures no stretching or deformation, producing dimensionally stable output every time.

Robust Printing

The robust UVgel prints are scratch and scuff resistant, making them less susceptible to damage during mounting and use.
What makes It Stand Out


Our custommade printing material

Creating Your Custom Wallpaper in Three Simple Step

  • Submit Your Design: Share your dream wallpaper design, or let our team guide you in creating something truly unique.
  • Approve Your Proof: A digital proof will be sent to you for approval, ensuring everything looks perfect.
  • Print and Ship: Once approved, we'll print your wallpaper and deliver it to you / or you can self pick-it up , ready for installation.

Inspired by our collection?

Are you ready to discuss about our collection of fabric backed wallpapers? Click the button beside to reach us and together we can find the perfect design for your space!