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Advantages of Wallpapers And Inspirations For Great Interior


Wallpapers are a well-known wall decoration – it is one of the most popular decorative motifs, gladly used in Europe for more than five centuries! However, despite their proud history, the first thought that comes to mind when we say “wallpaper” is poor-quality faded patterns that are hard to remove, right? Yet contemporary wallpapers have nothing to do with this horror of yesteryear. Today you have better fabrics at your disposal as well as a real wealth of patterns: polka dots, stripes, texts, flowers, street art inspirations, or patterns dedicated to children… Discover the potential hidden in design wallpapers!

1. Wallpapers fit every wall

The arrangement of your furniture or the shapes of your walls doesn’t matter – the european wallpaper will fit in perfectly! You don’t have to worry that the wardrobe will hide the best pattern of the wallpaper or that your window will suddenly find itself in the middle of the magic forest. These design wallpapers are easy to adjust and will look great on any surface, even the most atypical.

2. Revamp the style of your interior

Are you fed up with simple furniture and white walls but want to keep the style consistent in your apartment? You can do without major renovations! Thanks to their simplicity, wallpapers will naturally combine with neutral furniture. And when you have added a characteristic pattern for your favorite style to the wall, your interior will gain a new original look! You yourself will be surprised by how easily an ordinary bedroom can be transformed into a retro living room, Victorian living room, rustic living room, or boho studio.

3. You are not limited by pattern size

The repeating pattern on the wallpaper allows it to adapt well to the shapes of the wall. You can also play freely with the amount of surface you will put your wallpaper on! Sometimes all the magic lies in laying out the whole pattern (which takes about 3-4 rollers taking up the entire surface of the wall), but sometimes you only need one roller to present the chosen pattern well. Choose the best option for your interior!

4. Different design wallpapers = different rooms

Those who have ever tried to visually separate the dining room or bedroom from the large living room know very well that this is not an easy task. However, one solution is surprisingly simple! Arrange these two areas in the same way with only one difference – wall decoration.

5. Combine according to your own desires!

This news will certainly satisfy all individualists: patterns of our wallpapers have been created to arrange their own combinations according to individual desires! Vertical stripes, floral patterns, imitation wood, or polka dots – choose your favorite elements and combine them as you wish. Even professional decorators use many mixed patterns in their creations.

6. Kids love them!

When you furnish the child’s room, the main difficulty is the choice of accessories in order to obtain the warm effect without an excess of colors and patterns. Of course, you can put white paint on all the walls to balance out a bunch of toys in the bedroom. Still, every kid will be happier at the sight of walls covered in animal designs, treats, or adorable robots. The wallpapers with subtle patterns and a more dynamic design will be the perfect choice for your child’s room; the surprising effect is guaranteed!

7. If there is always something missing in your interior

Subtle decorations are indispensable in every interior! Has it ever happened to you that everything was ready: furniture purchased, walls painted, accessories chosen, but something was always missing? In this case, the best solution will be designer wallpaper. As well as the well-chosen paint, repeating patterns of the wallpaper will create a chic background in your apartment. However, unlike paint, the wallpaper will give a remarkable effect that will dramatically revive any room.

8. Unusual decoration for atypical interiors

Shaped wallpapers, easy to cut or adjust, are created especially for atypical surfaces that look great in both small and large spaces. You can put the wallpaper around a window, above the kitchen counter, or in a wall niche – the effect will always be really original! What’s more, lifeline non-woven wallpapers will also become an additional layer of sound insulation that will reduce annoying noises.

9. Remaining scraps are always useful

The list of original ideas for using leftover wallpaper scraps is really long! A soft and flexible fliseline will be excellent not only for the wall but also as decoration for stairs or shelves. Stuck on the facades of damaged furniture, fliseline will give them new life. In addition, you can use your scraps of wallpaper to decorate the inside of the drawers; such a solution will also be a practical protection for their surface. Something more classic? Put scraps of wallpaper around your picture frames or use them to create beautiful covers for your notebooks or diaries. 

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